Donald Trump has said he would likely support a measure returning authority over marijuana to states

Mayors representing cities across the United States have called on the federal government to ease its prohibition on marijuana usage.

Tens of millions of Americans now live in states that allow adults to purchase and possess marijuana, and medical cannabis is available across an even larger swathe of the United States. But the federal Controlled Substances Act considers marijuana to be a Schedule 1 drug – the most dangerous designation.

A resolution passed by the US Conference of Mayors, which had gathered hundreds of local officials together for a conference in Oregon, urged the government to remove cannabis from that category. The measure noted that marijuana’s current status cuts off legitimate businesses from access to banking.

De-scheduling cannabis would allow “federal banking regulators to permanently authorise financial institutions to provide services to commercial cannabis businesses, and increase the safety of the public”, the resolution said.

Another resolution called on local governments in states where marijuana is legal to vacate the cannabis-related convictions of young people, saying the move would offer “evidence that the criminal justice system acknowledges the racial disproportionality of enforcement of drug laws and is willing to address that injustice”. [Read More @ The Independent]

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