Using Chew Toys For Aggressive Dogs

Is your best friend chewing you and your house to pieces? This is completely normal, if your friend is a canine. I recently went through this with my own adopted Pit Bull mix. Let me share some tips on how to help your aggressive chewer with an indestructible dog toy.

No one knows why some dogs think of your stuff as toys threats. We do know that some breeds are more aggressive chewers than others are. My buddy Coletrain is a great example. The started chewing the minute we picked him up off the street and before we fixed the situation we have a new door trim, three new pairs of shoes and a very unhappy kid that was missing some toys. I researched and ask my vet why dogs chew. So here is what I’ve found. Dog can chew aggressively for a number of reasons. They may be hungry, bored, nervous or angry. There are several other reasons but lets just use this as a starting point.

The main idea is for you to figure out, by looking at the situation and/or environment, why the dog is chewing. I know that a thunderstorm will make Coletrain chew the house apart. So we make sure that he has an indestructible dog toy nearby. Is your pet hungry or thirsty? Does he have toys to play with? Do they have other dogs to play with? These are some questions that need answers.

Once you determine the source of the chewing the task becomes easier. Start with source, if you can’t change the environment, make sure they have a good selection of toys. Just like children, one toy doesn’t do. They might have a favorite, but they need more than one indestructible dog toy. Allow them to play and reward them with lots of attention for playing with the toy and not your furniture or fingers.

If they will only nip at you personally follow these steps. First, take away your hand (or whatever they are chewing) and replace it with a toy. This shows them what they are allowed to chew. Then say “No Bite” in a firm voice. Repeatedly doing these steps lets the dog know how to behave.

These should tips help you out the way they helped me. Don’t resort to extremes or cruelty. You dog want to make you happy but they need to know how.

Source by Kory Marks

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