Golden Retriever Grooming Kit – Are They Useful In Grooming Your Dog?

Golden retrievers are known for its lovely golden coats. And one way to keep them lovely is to make sure that your goldens receive the best grooming attention. But golden retriever grooming need not be expensive. You can keep the cost of grooming your goldens minimal by learning how to do it yourself and by investing in a good grooming kit set.

Here are some essentials that you should have in a golden retriever grooming kit.

The first in the list is a brush and a grooming rake. For regular brushing I use a slicker brush or an ordinary pin brush. But whenever my goldens experience shedding, I make sure that I use an undercoat rake. I want to make sure that all dead undercoats will be removed so a wide-tooth comb is better than a finer tooth comb.

One of the most important benefits of regular brushing is to maintain luster and shin of your golden's coats. It also helps improve on the skin condition by allowing the skin to breathe and to excrete excess oils. It will also help in removing dirt and tangles from the coat.

As a follow-up to bathing, I always make sure that I have a blow dryer available for use of my golden. It is important in drying my golden's coat after bathing. Whenever I forget to dry my dog's coats, I always see him breakout to some kind of skin disorder, which leads to infection. Of course, I don't want my golden retriever to have ugly skin so I dry his coats using a cold blow dryer every after bath. I also use this whenever I need to remove dead hairs during his shedding season and to straighten his wavy coats.

I also make it a point that my retriever grooming kit contains a specially made toothbrush and tooth paste for dogs. Firm bristled toothbrush is most useful plus a meat or chicken flavored dog toothpaste. But whenever I can't find a special dog toothbrush, I always try to use a finger toothbrush and teeth cleansing pads as alternative.

I also have nail clippers and file in my grooming kit. I use my dog's nail clippers to regularly cut his nails to an ideal length, not too short or it may cause bleeding. I also have these clippers sharp at all times so as not to hurt my dog ​​unnecessarily. The nail files, on the other hand, I use to smoothen the rough edges of his nails so as to prevent him from scratching himself.

The last item that I have in my golden retriever grooming kit is ear cleansing solution. I make sure that I clean my dog's ears regularly so that he will not develop any kind of ear infection. This is especially useful because my dog ​​loves to swim. In fact, this is our regular exercise.

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