Burley Tail Wagon: The Cadillac of Pet Trailers?

Burley started out as Burley Bike Bags back in the early 1970's by team Allan Scholz and his wife "Burley Bev", a bike racer from Oregon. The couple began on a small scale, selling bike bags at a Saturday market in Eugene, Desiring to stay car-free and use their bikes for transport, Alan designed and built a durable trailer so he could transport his daughter and bag inventory 30 miles to the market every weekend. After seeing the trailer at the market, people began asking if they could have a similar one built, thus, Burley Bike Bags ended up becoming a Bike Trailer Manufacturer.

I've always felt Burley bike trailers to be some of the best built, safest and highest quality trailers on the market. I like to call the company's Pet Trailer; the Burley Tail Wagon the "Cadillac" of Dog Bike Trailers. The big question regarding this product is as one of the most expensive Pet Trailers on the market, coming in around $ 399.00 retail, is the Tail Wagon worth it?


The company's reputation for long lasting, solid products extends to their Pet Bicycle Trailer. I feel the same way about towing a pet as I would a child and feel suspension and wheels are not an area to cut corners. The construction is top-notch and has a maximum capacity of 75 lbs. On the road, the trailer is super stable due to side Battens and a low center of gravity. The 16 inch alloy wheels are very durable and the same quality I'd look for on my bike and along with a suspended floor, makes for a comfy, safe ride for Fido.


Assembling the trailer is very easy and fast and hitching it up to a bike is a snap. There are a few options for set up, and the trailer can be towed completely enclosed or open. These adjustments are nice; as your dog becomes comfortable riding you can experiment with opening the top cover when you feel your dog will be OK with the additional exposure. When not riding the entire trailer folds down to a reasonable 35 x 23 x 13 inches. For additional convenience, the Tail Wagon has a removable floor and a flip down tailgate. The tailgate is a great feature for larger dogs getting in and out of the trailer.

For carrying toys and treats for your dog and power bars for those hills, the Burley has plenty of pockets and tie downs. In addition, since the trailer has a solid floor it's also fine for hauling cargo such as groceries. The only problem might be after riding in this roomy, comfortable Pet Trailer your dog might not want to be left at home while you shop!


A bit of research online made me certain that this company makes a trailer which will last through a generation or two of feisty canines. Looking through eBay listings for a used one, there were plenty of bids and the resale value was up to almost 70%, not much difference from brand new! Considering the great quality and long lasting construction, I feel buying a Tail Wagon will save money in the long run and make for an enjoyable ride for you and your Furry Pal.

Source by Gina Kamentsky

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