Training Your Golden Retriever – 3 Important Tips

When you bring home a golden retriever pup its exciting and sometimes exasperating times. But once you get the hang of training your golden retriever it can be a lot of fun and learning. So here are the three most important golden retriever puppy training tips

Teething Troubles of Golden Puppies

Training of Golden Retriever puppies, the first point to remember is their Teething troubles. When the teeth are growing they love to chew stuff, anything they can bite into. Golden puppies love to chew and this may sometime prove to be expensive. Chew toys are the preferred mediums. However you can keep some old socks filled with ice cubes in your freezer and give it to your golden retriever whenever it gets into a chewing frenzy due to pain of teething.

Have several socks filled with Ice cubes ready. Put a tight knot with the ice cubes and keep them in the freezer. When ever required simply take out the socks and give it to your puppy. Be watchful that your golden puppy doesn't chew through the socks and swallow the ice cubes. This could lead to health problems.

Golden Puppies love Digging

It is in the essential nature of the puppies to dig. Give your puppy a space to dig in your yard. Otherwise they may dig through your floor, couch or the bed. Don't punish your puppies if their natural instinct makes them damage your stuff. Give your Golden puppy a small space in the yard with a treat in a specific spot so that it doesn't damage the entire yard. Make a sand box and put its favorite toys and let it dig it out. Give the golden some praise whenever it does it right. Once it start growing give your golden retriever obedience classes to exercise more control over the digging habit.

Leashes Training of the Golden

No one likes to be leashed or chained least of all the golden retriever. During leash training, a lot of people prefer to attach the leash to the Golden then drag him in the direction they want him to go. This isn't the best way to train, as it often sends the wrong signal to the puppy. Instead, you should first get your Golden puppy used to the collar and the leash. You can do this by putting his collar and leash on inside the house or outside in a fenced in area, so that he can walk around and move about freely with the leash on, dragging it alongside him.

Once you have given him some time, pick the leash up, and then start calling him to you. Once he comes over to you, start praising him for it, so he knows that he is on the right track. Always be patient when leash training, as it will take some time for him to get used to it. If you continue to praise him when he is doing it right and continue giving him time to get used to the leash, you shouldn't have any problems.

These 3 tips can help a great deal when training your Golden Retriever puppy. Golden puppies are great dogs, although you'll need to have a bit of patience with them. Even though they are very smart dogs, it may take them time to learn. Once they start learning however – they will become an integral part of your family and enjoyable antics of the pup can be fun to watch.

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