Feed Your Dog With Responsibility

Dogs are an incredible pet option for you if you are one of those who are fond of extremely loving and well brought-up companions. As much of fun as it is to own a dog, it is equally important to responsibly take care of it. Apart from grooming and taking your dog for regular checkups to the veterinarian, feeding your pet right is one of your prime responsibilities. It is essential for you as a pet owner, to be well aware of the severe health hazards related to inappropriate feeding. The dogs diet is an area to be paid attention to closely, as this is directly associated to the growth and health.

The quantity and type of food to be given depends to a large extent on the weight, age, breed, and activity level of the dog among other aspects. Additionally, the feed and the feeding time should be more or less unchanged. It is highly advised to feed at least twice a day, and more meals can be given, if required. Place the feeding bowl in the same location every time, so as to avoid grumpy behavior.

Apart from feeding the right food, in appropriate quantities and at right times, it is also crucial to make certain that you do not serve your puppy any unhygienic or cheap dog food. There are a lot of human foods that can be unsafe for them, and raisins, onions, mushrooms are examples of some such foods. So avoid giving these kinds of foods. Providing with dog food bought from a pet store, or preparing suitable food at home are considerable options. Several food brands are available in the market, and skimming through the guidelines on the manufacturer’s pack, before giving that food to the puppy, is strongly suggested. Adjusting the food quantity, as when called for, is important, so that you do not end up feeding your dog more than what it can digest at a time. Overeating can result in the dog being a lethargic pet.

Another vital suggestion is feeding your dog with fresh food, as this will keep your dog happy and energetic. You can either serve your dog dry food or partially moist foods. Dry dog food is preferred by many because it is less expensive and can be stocked up for a longer period of time. Remember that all dogs do not like the same type of food and you will know what your dog likes and dislikes as time passes by.

Ensure that your dog does not gulp down the food, but instead chews it properly. Another necessary aspect is to ensure that your dog drinks ample amount of water during the day. As much as it is important to keep track of your dogs diet, it is vital to keep a close eye on any variations in the dog’s weight, preferably on a weekly basis. This will help you make any changes needed in the feed. Adhering to the above mentioned guidelines is sure to keep your dog healthy and nutritious for a long time.

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