Choosing the Right Dog Grooming Supplies and Dog Brushes

Even if you are a new pet parent or old, you need to know all the facts about dog grooming supplies. In order to help keep your dog looking good and to make him feel healthy and happy, you must begin with a dog grooming routine. As much as you would like to just play and hug your dog, you also must realize that dog grooming is essential. So now it becomes necessary for you to have the right information about which products are right for your particular breed of dog.

As a pet parent, you must be very sincere and patient throughout the grooming process. The time spent during grooming your pet will create a lasting bond. Your dog needs to know when it is time for their daily brushing or nail clip. It’s best to start the grooming routine as early as possible.

To help you through the whole process and make your time and energy well-spent, we will try and bring you the right information for the decision on which brush, comb, nail file, dog shampoo, dog conditioner, spritz, ear and ear care products you can use. We have done the research on which products work the best for different types of hair and coat for the best results.

The most important tool that every pet owner needs is a dog brush. You want to provide a pleasant, smooth and scratch free brushing experience. JW Gripsoft small slicker brush is made of soft pins which are easy on the hands with a ergonomically styled rubber handle. This brush can be used on all breeds and types of dog coats.

Cloud Star buddy splash spritzer is the right option for those times between baths. Just a refreshing scent to help alleviate that doggie smell. This product refreshes and deodorizes the coat. Over washing your dog can dry the skin and invite unwanted skin allergies.

The Cloud Star buddy wash has been specially formulated using coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, and natural ingredients to provide a soothing and non-irritating bathing experience for your four-legged friend. This gentle shampoo uses herbs and natural oils to freshen and deodorize your pet’s coat without using chemicals or additives. This soap-free formulation yields a rich and fluffy lather, yet rinses away easily. Everyone who has tried this pet shampoo in the Lavender or Green Tea and Bergamot has loved it and their 19 oz. size lasts a very long time, especially great for the price.

Canine Earth products are Certified organic. Canine Earth Mangy Mango cleanser has a wonderful scent of natural mango to leave your dog feeling fresh and clean. It is the perfect formula for pets with sensitive skin. Their USDA Certified products are all naturally self-preserving, petro chemical free, with no artificial colorants or fragrance. The Canine Earth Coconut Mint combines the light scent of tropical coconut with the stimulating scent of sweet peppermint and will leave your canine companion’s skin and coat soft and conditioned.

Relax and enjoy this special time with your dog. Mickey’s Pet Supplies has all the natural and organic pet shampoos and conditioners and only the best and most comfortable dog brushes, dog combs & all the best in dog grooming supplies.

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