Insulated Dog Houses – Why and How to Have One

We all want the best for our canine buddies. They are family for some of us, so we strive to provide for all of their needs and keep them happy, safe and healthy. When it comes to the essentials in doing so, insulated dog houses are the perfect answers to their need for shelter and ample protection.

The regular dog house is there keep a dog safe and protected from the elements of nature. It also keeps off other dogs, animals and people from possibly hurting our pets. During harsh weather conditions, however, the common house is not enough.

There are three processes known to cause heat. They are convection, conduction and radiation. It is not possible to completely stop the occurrence of heat, but effective insulation can significantly lower down the heat level in a house, whether it is that of man or that of a dog.

It is actually possible to insulate a regular house. One way to do so is to have a bubble wrap attached to the interior walls of the house and secure it with duct tape. It is highly recommended to use as much duct tape as possible to cover all of the wrap’s edges in order to keep off the air. After which, foam padding is placed and secured on top of the bubble wrap.

Another way to have ample insulation for the dogs is to have insulated dog houses. These are available in the market and can come in different sizes, shapes and designs. They vary in prices as well as in makes. Choosing the best one might seem hard, but anyone who knows what he wants can get what he wants.

Generally, this type of houses adjust accordingly to how the external environment is. If the outdoors is too hot, they keep the interiors of the house cool. If the outdoors is too cold, they make the interiors of the home warm enough for the resident canine. Although it is possible of having air heating and air conditioning devices in the dog house, these are going to cost quite a lot in terms of electrical use. Having an insulated house for dogs with higher R-values is an overall better choice.

To start off, one has to decide on the make of the house. The best one would be wood especially that of cedar wood, which is what most high quality dog houses are made of. Wood is a natural insulator. It can do a lot of magic when simply added with a layer of Styrofoam or any other insulators.

Dog igloos and plastic dog houses, on the other hand, have its advantage in terms of being highly resistant to water and insects. They are also lightproof, and their plastic material makes it easy for manufacturers to come up with highly attractive dog houses for any kinds of dogs.

The two advantages of having insulated dog houses are ample reason for any dog lover to get one of these varieties instead of the other options available. After all, nothing beats getting the most for the pet dog while getting the best for one’s pocket at the same time.

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