Different Types of Dog Shoes a Dog Lover Should Know

As a dog lover, when you purchase dog shoes you must know what are its different types, when and where you can use them. It is important for you to know also what type of materials that these shoes are having.

Dogs are outgoing animals therefore you have to purchase dog shoes that are for heavy duty. You must make sure that these shoes will not easily be wrecked. Remember to choose wisely. Do not choose those shoes that are over styled with accessories. It might cause harm to your dog. They might step on it or chew it accidentally.

Dog boots are best use when you and your dogs are out strolling on the beach or jogging in the park or on the sidewalk. Make sure that the dog boots you purchase will stay on your dogs paws once you are out running with them. To avoid your dogs from stepping on to any sharp objects or broken glass, purchase boots that are made up of layers of Kevlar in their soles. This is normally use for police dogs but can also be use to any household dogs.

Dog booties are used depending on your type of activity either lightweight activity i.e. staying in the house or heavy duty activity i.e. hiking on a mountain. In either of these activities it is very important to keep your dogs safe. Even if the dog is just inside the house, they might slip on the slippery floor. When you are out hiking with your dog it is more advisable to protect your dog paws from any sharp debris or thorns.

For dog boots and dog booties, choose materials or fabrics that are comfortable and easy for the air to go in and out. For the soles, there are some manufacturers that use recycled tires. This will help prevent the dog from slipping on your floors, on a muddy sidewalk, or on a rugged terrain. Even if the fabrics are lightweight just make sure that their soles are sturdy.

For winter dog boots, choose materials that are thick but still comfortable to wear. Do not choose winter pet boots that are made of thin fabrics. They will not keep your dog paws warm. Keep in mind that winter season normally have strong cold winds therefore the winter dog boots you should choose must fit with the season.

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