Ohio Issues Large Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses

COLUMBUS, Ohio – After months of waiting and speculation, state regulators have decided who will grow medical marijuana in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Commerce on Thursday announced 12 winners of “level I” cultivation licenses for up to 25,000 square feet of growing space. The businesses awarded the licenses are: […]

Ask The Expert: Exploring Cannabis Laboratory Accreditation Part 4

In the first part of this series, we spoke with Michelle Bradac, senior accreditation officer at A2LA, to learn the basics of cannabis laboratory accreditation. In the second part, we sat down with Roger Brauninger, A2LA Biosafety Program manager, to learn why states are looking to lab accreditation in their […]

Medical Marijuana May Have Long-Term Advantages For Pets

The post Medical Marijuana May Have Long-Term Advantages For Pets appeared first on High Times. Very little is known about the use, role or potential for cannabis in pets. There are hardly any veterinary researchers who have investigated the subject; schools of veterinary medicine have produced no significant research on […]

Bhang and Mentor Capital dispute appears to be coming to a resolution

CBE Press has learned that Bhang Chocolate Company, Inc. (Bhang) satisfied the ruling by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) by paying $2,040,000 into receivership last week. Subsequently, Mentor Capital, Inc. (Mentor) has removed its liens against Bhang. These two actions appear to end the long running dispute between the two that […]

The Hiring Dilemma Facing The Cannabis Industry

The business of cannabis is starting to mature and the industry as a whole is gearing up for rapid expansion. This means that pharmaceutical companies, dispensaries and other cannabis-focused businesses are starting to expand their executive teams. However, finding qualified candidates is proving to be an incredibly challenging task, due […]

Elizabeth Warren Demands Answers About Marijuana

The post Elizabeth Warren Demands Answers About Marijuana appeared first on High Times. In a letter addressed to the nominee for the Department of Human and Health Services, Elizabeth Warren demands answers about marijuana. The nominee in question is Alex Azar. Chosen by Donald Trump, Azar formerly served as the president of […]

This Marijuana Stock Is Booming Past The Rest

In case you haven’t noticed, marijuana stocks are growing like a weed. A majority of those with a market cap of at least $200 million have had their share price double or triple over the trailing year as optimism surrounding legal weed grows. Rapidly rising sales figures have certainly played […]

Protecting Your Cannabis Plant IP

You’ve bred a new strain of cannabis, or perhaps discovered an excellent new hybrid outgrowing the other plants in your cannabis plot. Can you claim the new plant as yours and legally protect it? The short answer is potentially yes. The long answer follows below: Plant Patents
 Since a 1930s’ […]

A Look At The Fallout From California’s Legalization Regulations

The post A Look At The Fallout From California’s Legalization Regulations appeared first on High Times. Authorities from the Golden State have outlined California’s legalization regulations. These new regulations governing the legal cannabis market are to be officially instated on January 1. Jointly drawn up by the Department of Health, Department of Food & Agriculture and the […]

Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Headed To The Senate

MPs passed the Liberal government’s bill to legalize cannabis Monday evening, sending the legislation down the hall to the Senate for further study and debate. The legislation was largely supported along partisan lines, although it secured the support of the NDP and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. The final vote […]